If you have a missing tooth or teeth, it’s extremely important to have them replaced. While you may not be in a hurry because you see it as a cosmetic problem, it’s actually a much bigger issue than the way it affects your smile. Missing teeth can lead to a host of oral health issues and may even cause irreparable damage.

There are a few options for tooth or teeth replacements. One popular option is dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthetics that involve a metal rod being installed in the jawbone of a patient. A dental crown (false tooth) is placed on top of the rod via an abutment. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants are seen as a permanent solution. Dental implants can last a lifetime if well cared for. With that said, the dental crown or crowns will need to be replaced over time.

Why Dental Implants?

There are a variety of reasons why you’ll want to consider dental implants. Below are some of the main advantages of dental implants: 

  • Longevity. Dental implants are built to last. When a dental implant is installed, it fuses with the jawbone. Because of this, it stays firm and in place for a long time. Implants can be expected to last 30 or more years! While the cost upfront may be more than other replacement methods, dental implants end up paying for themselves in the long run if they are properly cared for.
  • Strength. Dental implants are the strongest replacement option. With dental implants, you can continue to bite and chew your favorite foods without worry!
  • Ongoing oral health. One of the main reasons you need a tooth or teeth replacement is your ongoing oral health. Having a missing tooth or teeth can cause major oral health issues over time. Your teeth help to hold each other in place. If you have a missing tooth or teeth, your healthy teeth may migrate into the gap, crowd, and/or impact each other. This damages your teeth, makes it harder to brush and floss, and in turn, leads to cavities and gum disease. If this gum disease progresses, it can actually lead to you losing more teeth! Dental implants hold the surrounding teeth in place and stop them from migrating.
  • Jaw health. The health of your jawbone is very important. In order to maintain the integrity of your jawbone, you need a tooth or a replacement. If you don’t have a natural tooth or replacement, your jawbone will deteriorate over time. Dental implants help to keep your jawbone strong and healthy.


The Dental Implant Process

The process of getting a dental implant or implants begins with a call to 24/7 Dental. If you have a tooth or teeth that are damaged or decayed, we’ll take a look at the tooth or teeth and see what options are available. Even if your tooth or teeth are in rough shape, there may be repair options like veneers or crowns available. Your dentist will do everything in their power to save as much of your healthy tooth or teeth as they can. If the damage is too severe, though, they will need to perform an extraction.

Another scenario may be that your tooth was knocked out or fell out. If this is the case, you still may be able to save the tooth if you bring it to an emergency dentist. If you can’t save the tooth, you’ll need to consider replacement options.

Once your dentist has taken a look at the spot where the tooth or teeth are missing (or they have performed the extraction), they will consider what options are available. Part of this is taking a look at your gums and jawbone. For this, they will take x-rays. If they determine your jawbone is strong enough to handle dental implants, they may recommend this option. If your jawbone is not strong enough, they’ll either recommend another option or a bone graft to strengthen the bone. While this may be successful, it is also costly. Still, it can give your jawbone the strength it needs to handle the implant.

Once you’ve decided on implants, your dentist will set an appointment to install the implants into your jawbone. After a few weeks of healing, your dentist will place your dental crowns via abutments.

Before you know it, you’ll have your new tooth or teeth!

What is the Cost for Dental Implants in Indianapolis?

The cost of dental implants in Indianapolis will vary depending on a few different factors. Some of those factors include the specific dentist, insurance coverage, additional procedures (like bone grafting), and other factors. Your insurance may or may not cover the procedure. A single tooth can vary from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the circumstances and the dentist. With that said, insurance may cover a good portion of the costs.

If you would like more information about the costs of implants, contact 24/7 Dental. We’ll discuss the average costs with you and what the procedure looks like.

Reach Out to 24/7 Dental Today!

If you have a tooth that is cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, or if you have a tooth that has recently been knocked out or has fallen out, reach out to 24/7 Dental today. We’ll schedule an appointment with you to take a look at the tooth. If the tooth has recently been knocked out or has fallen out, contact us now about an emergency appointment. There still may be a chance to save the tooth!

If dental implants aren’t an option or aren’t the right choice for you, we will discuss other options like dentures or a dental bridge. The goal is to improve your oral health and put a smile on your face!

Once you’ve had your replacement placed, you’ll want to schedule ongoing appointments for checkups and cleanings. We’ll make sure to book you for every six months to maintain your oral health.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your oral health issues!