It’s extremely important to see your dentist regularly to ensure your teeth, gums, and jawbone stay healthy. By visiting your dentist regularly, they’ll be able to catch any issues early on and reverse them. By skipping appointments and avoiding general dentistry services, though, you put yourself at risk for more serious conditions.

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What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is intended to diagnose, repair, and treat any general oral healthcare concerns. It also involves preventative services and some restorative services. Two common general dentistry services that you will need to undergo every six months are a cleaning and a checkup.

What is a Cleaning?

A dental cleaning is an oral healthcare procedure in which your dentist removes plaque and tartar from your teeth using special tools, flosses your teeth and gums thoroughly, brushes your teeth with a special toothpaste, and rinses your mouth. A fluoride treatment may also be applied. While brushing and flossing are things that you do regularly (or at least should do regularly!), your dentist will perform these tasks with special equipment and a higher level of expertise. You’ll leave the office with a healthier and whiter smile.

What is a Checkup?

Dental checkups are extremely important for your overall oral health. During a checkup, your dentist will perform a physical exam to check for any issues with your teeth, gums, and tongue. This includes looking for signs of disease and decay. They may also perform a cancer screening and look for any signs of oral cancer. Many times, a checkup will also include x-rays. This allows your dentist to better see your teeth below the gumline, along with your jawbone.

If your dentist is able to find oral health problems early, it is much easier for them to address the issue. That’s why it is imperative that you visit the dentist every six months for a checkup.

Why a Checkup and Cleaning?

There are a lot of major advantages to getting a cleaning and checkup every six months. Below are some of these benefits:

Healthy Gums

Your gums are an extremely important part of your overall oral health. They help to hold your teeth in place! If you don’t get regular cleanings and checkups, your gums may start to develop disease over time. This disease can begin as mild gingivitis and eventually progress to the point of advanced periodontitis. While at the stage of gingivitis, you may experience bleeding, discomfort, discoloration, and other relatively minor issues. As it gets worse, though, you can suffer from bone loss and—eventually—tooth loss. It’s very important for your dentist to take a look at your gums every six months and professionally remove plaque, tartar, and debris. If your dentist does find out you have gingivitis, they can treat it early before the symptoms progress. This can end up saving your teeth!

Healthy Teeth

We all want healthy, white teeth. Not only do healthy teeth look nicer, but they also function better. When you have healthy teeth, you don’t have to worry about pain or sensitivity. You also don’t have to worry about them falling out. In order to ensure your teeth stay healthy, you need to brush, floss, and rinse twice a day, every day. On top of that, you should be visiting your dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup.

While taking good care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and rinsing helps to lower the chances of plaque buildup and tooth decay, it often won’t eliminate the possibility. You can still develop a cavity. By visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups, they will be able to catch any decay before it gets worse. From there, they will be able to remove the decay and place a filling. If the issue is bad enough, your dentist may perform a root canal.

By visiting regularly for a cleaning and checkup, though, you greatly reduce the chances of developing tooth decay.

Early Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is a real concern. You need to get screened for it regularly. During your checkups, your dentist will perform an oral exam to check for signs of oral cancer. If you do have oral cancer, it’s best for the issue to be caught early and addressed immediately.

A Whiter Smile

Who doesn’t love having a bright, white smile? While there are ways to brighten your smile at home, if you aren’t going to the dentist for a general cleaning and checkup, you may not be getting to the root of the problem. Cleanings can help to improve the look of your teeth and whiten your smile.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

There is actually a connection between your oral health and your risk of heart disease. By taking care of your teeth and gums, you lower the risk of heart disease.

How Much is a Cleaning? 

Now that you have a better understanding of why a cleaning and checkup is so important you may be wondering about the cost. Generally, without insurance, you can expect to pay around $75-$200. With that said, most dental insurance covers checkups and cleanings every six months.

What are people saying about general dentistry in Indianapolis, IN?

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