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Increasingly more people have become aware of the role impeccable teeth condition plays in our social life. Today, patients come to dental offices not only by the grim force of pain and tooth decay but also by the desire to have a radiant smile that is perceived as attractive, healthy, and young. Research shows that the allure of a person with beautiful teeth increases by as much as twenty percent. The chances of finding a more exciting job and other glamorous opportunities increase significantly with a bright smile. Others regard people with healthy teeth as much younger than they really are. 24/7 Dental is your local practice with a team of professionals ready to assist you with all of your oral health concerns


Jerika Lucas – Office Manager

The Competent Dental Care Around The Corner in Indianapolis, IN – W 10th St

The legacy of 24/7 Dental comes with a responsibility that demands treating patients with much-deserved respect and providing excellence and compassion that many dental practices still lack. 24/7 Dental’s eclectic group of professionals and leaders makes our clinic a top-rated dental practice in Indianapolis, IN, ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care. We have it all: excellent clinical expertise and powerful people skills.

Our clinic in Indianapolis is an all-inclusive practice that provides comprehensive services to our community, allowing everyone to have access to quality dental care. Because of our comprehensive approach to practicing dentistry, we are the one-stop shop for all your dental needs. Whether you require a basic routine cleaning or advanced dental work, 24/7 Dental, as the name suggests, is your first and final destination for getting your dental affairs in order.

Health Considerations For a Brighter Future in Indianapolis, IN – W 10th St

When you consider the aesthetics of your smile, keep in mind that its exquisite condition goes beyond the cosmetic aspects of your teeth. Not many people are aware that the condition of their teeth has an enormous impact on the state of their whole body. Recent studies clearly indicate that any periodontal disease can easily lead to many severe ailments and diseases. The pathogenic bacteria hiding between your teeth and gums can penetrate into the bloodstream and then to almost all organs accountable for our overall health. Any omissions regarding your teeth can and will eventually have unpleasant effects. Regular visits to your dentist will shield your oral and general health from severe conditions, allowing you to cherish a beautiful and long-lasting smile.

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Psychological Well-Being

A beautiful and adequately taken care of smile plays a significant role in our life – not only in terms of aesthetics or health but also psychologically. The gains to our mental dimension are extraordinary when it comes to having a dazzling dentition, guaranteeing an advantage in the self-confidence and self-esteem area. A healthy smile promotes excellent well-being. Patients who keep their oral health a priority smile and laugh more often, impacting the way they interact with others and forming long-lasting relationships. If you need a boost by taking your oral health to the next level, call our Indianapolis, IN, practice right away.

Oral Hygiene As a Fundamental Element To a Healthy Smile

The key to a beautiful and healthy smile is daily oral hygiene as well as regular dental check-ups at your dentist’s office. You should always maintain proper oral hygiene at home, primarily by brushing your teeth correctly and religiously. Flossing and rinsing your mouth will also prevent many diseases of the teeth and gums. Those habits also eliminate bad breath and remove food particles and plaque. To maintain proper oral hygiene, it is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after each meal, for two to three minutes. Keep in mind that your toothbrush will not always reach the interdental spaces, so these should be cleaned with dental floss. Dental floss reaches places that a toothbrush cannot reach and helps to remove food particles and plaque accumulating between your teeth.

In addition to home hygiene procedures, it is imperative to systematically control and perform professional treatments at the dentist’s office.

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What To Look For in the Best Dentist in Indianapolis, IN – W 10th St?

The dentist is a doctor that many of us are still reluctant to visit. There is a belief that treatment is always painful, and the very appearance of many clinics does not encourage patients to seek help. The ancient image of old dental chairs and tools from the end of the last century is often recalled, while dental offices have undergone a real revolution. Most are equipped with modern devices and meet stringent requirements.

The rapid growth of the dental industry with all the technological advances and research-based treatment methods, while groundbreaking and amazing, will never substitute a skilled hand of the professional performing your dental work. In addition, many dental offices across Indianapolis or even the country still fight to modernize their clinical practices, sticking to outdated methods and ignoring the latest research. What should you look for in the best dentist in Indianapolis, IN?


Updated and Clean Dental Practice

Your dentist’s clinic should have all the necessary and recommended equipment to perform dental magic within their practice. Innovation is key to a thriving dental clinic, providing pain-free treatments in a comfortable and friendly environment. The comprehensive practice should accommodate every type of person – a child who is afraid of the dentist, a person in a wheelchair, or someone who has a severe dental phobia and requires a sensitive approach and appropriate preparation for dental work.

Another obvious selection criterion is sterile environment. Not many want to put their oral health in the hands of the practice that does not put hygiene and cleanliness at the top of their priority list. The waiting room and front desk should always be clean and neat, which is something you can notice right away when you walk in. Even the highly recommended dentist will not be worthy of your attention if they do not guarantee privacy and a neat interior.


Experienced Dental Professionals and Their Knowledgeable Team

A dentist without a skilled team can only do so much, even if their expertise ranks among the nation’s top best dentists. They need excellent management to run the office, happy and productive dental technicians, and a friendly and trained front desk. Without the appropriate team members, the practice will never feel like home or be as efficient. Your dentist should always stay up to date with current trends and research and think outside the box when it comes to treatment to customize it to your unique needs. While years of experience matter when it comes to the dental profession, knowledge and expertise might outweigh the old-school dental methods.


Location and Hours of Operation

24/7 Dental is a comprehensive dental practice, and no other clinic in Indianapolis, IN, beats our hours of operation. When looking for a new dentist, the location plays a major role in the selection, especially if you are a busy individual that needs the convenience of location and availability. An excellent dentist will leave room in their schedule for emergency situations that may happen throughout the day. Accidents happen all the time, and taking that into account when logistically making schedules will attract many patients and provide the needed care. Toothache is no joke, and knowing your dentist is nearby and available to alleviate the pain in a timely manner is a bonus.


What Services Does Your Dental Home Provide?

The dental home of your choice should provide comprehensive services so you can get all of your needs in one place. Having to jump from one clinic to next because you need a root canal treatment and your dentist has to refer you out is an annoyance. If you are in need of prosthetics, such as dental crowns or even dental implants, you should find a dentist that is trained in all areas of dental work. It is possible to have it all and maintain the highest level of care and professionalism at the same time.


About 24/7 Dental in Indianapolis, IN – W 10th St

24/7 Dental’s primary goal is to treat patients sincerely, safely, and painlessly. The highway to a sensational and healthy smile does not have to be associated with nuisance – the 24/7 Dental clinic proves that daily. Adults, seniors, and children sit on our dental chairs to receive treatment with attention to detail tailored to their needs.

24/7 Dental staff is one team that uses the knowledge and experience of each of its members to collectively provide patients with comprehensive treatment at the highest possible level. The possibilities of modern dentistry are endless, but only a carefully thought-through and professionally trained dental team can fully utilize what the industry has to offer. Modern dentistry offers advantages to current and future patients, and considering the pace of the industry’s growth, it’s progress has only begun. Our patients have a chance to experience what state-of-the-art dental equipment can offer and how it can improve their smile in a much shorter time. Avant-garde dental practice means less pain and more comfort, and our seasoned dentist will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Your dental work is in the right hands.