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Associate General Dentist Full/Part Time

24/7 Dental is excited to announce an exciting job opportunity for a General Dentist!

Our mission is to provide our patients with a stressfree, convenient, and comfortable environment while performing pain-free dental procedures. We are offering a fantastic opportunity for the right dentist to join our team on a Full Time or Part Time basis. We have a brand new state of the art dental facility, top of the line dental equipment, excellent compensation structure, and uncapped earning potential.

Our dentist will not have to worry about growing the practice as we have up to date marketing techniques to build awareness and bring patients to our clinic. Our dentist will have the luxury of having an experienced office manager to perform duties such as ordering supplies, scheduling, and assisting with billing. Our dentist will also have highly trained dental assistants and EFDA’s to assist with dental procedures, charting and patient transitions.

Career Path:

24/7 Dental offers a promotion track that can help develop your skills to achieve all of your career goals. Our Dentist will have an opportunity to be promoted to a Managing Dentist role.

What We Offer:

  • Flexible Work Schedule!
  • Strong Family Office Work Environment
  • Guaranteed Daily Salary plus Bonus
  • Collaborative Work Team Built Around The Dentist
  • Mentorship/ Shadowing Opportunities Regularly Available

Job Requirements:

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD)
Must be able to obtain or currently have a dental license in the state.

Excellent Customer Service Skills.
Ability to complete dental progress notes in a thorough and timely manner

Preferred Experience with:

  • Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Root Canals
  • Fillings
  • Dentures

Visit us at
Job Category: Clinical
Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Anderson IN, Columbus IN, Indianapolis IN, Cincinnati OH

Dental Careers FAQ

How to Find a Dentist Job in Indiana?

If you are looking for a dentist job in Indiana, there are a few things you can do.

One way to find a job is search for dental offices (like 24/7 Dental) in your area on Google, then check their career pages to see if there are any jobs available.

Another thing you can do is check job search sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed. These sites make it very easy to find specific jobs in your area. You simply need to enter your city and job title, and it will do the work for you.

Finally, you can network. In order to do this online, consider using LinkedIn. You can connect with other dentists and offices in your area and ask around for any offices that are hiring. You can also use LinkedIn’s job search function. As there are already a lot of businesses on LinkedIn, using your profile to apply for jobs is extremely easy and intuitive.

How Many Dentist Jobs in Indiana Are Available Per Year?

There are many available dentist jobs in Indiana and opportunities both in general and specialized fields. There are over 95 dentist jobs available in Indiana (as of the writing of this), with plenty more to come. The pay in Indiana is also outstanding! As per, the average salary for a dentist in Indiana is about $184,000 a year!

If you are looking to work in Indiana, you’ll need a DDS or DMD degree from an accredited dental school, a valid license to practice from the Indiana State Board of Dentistry, and a DEA registration number. If you specialize in a specific field, you may need additional training and certifications.

While there are a good amount of jobs available right now, it’s important to understand these numbers fluctuate. There is no way to really tell how many jobs will be available within a one-year period.

How to Find the Best Dentist Job and Career in Indiana?

Here are some great tips if you are looking for the best dentist job and career in Indiana:

  • Search Online
    The first thing you can do to find a great job and career in Indiana is search online for practices that are hiring and start applying! You’ll find there are some amazing practices in the state.You can also look for a dentist that is selling their practice if you decide to start a practice on your own.
  • Network with Others
    Indiana has a wonderful dental association (the Indiana Dental Association) with lots of events to attend. You can meet with other dentists and look for available jobs. If you haven’t moved to Indiana yet, an event may be a great place to start. On top of events, the Indiana Dental Association also has a “classified ads” section where job opportunities are posted.Consider also going on LinkedIn and searching for dentists in Indiana. Then, start adding them to your network and reach out. You may find they know someone that is hiring.
  • Don’t Wait Until You Move
    If you find you are relocating for whatever reason, it’s best to start looking for a job in the field now instead of waiting until you move. That way you can hit the ground running and get to work as soon as you arrive.
  • Some Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Practice
    Part of finding the best dentist job in Indiana is looking for a practice that you can see yourself staying at and growing long-term. In order to do this, you need to think beyond just getting a job and look deeper at what makes an enjoyable career.Here are some things to look for when you are choosing the best practice for you:

    • The type of practice. There are a variety of types of dental practices to choose from. These include group practices, private practices, public health clinics, corporate dental chains, and academic institutions. Each type of practice comes with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of income, benefits, workload, autonomy, and professional development. You also have the option of starting your own practice, but keep in mind that there are many challenges that come with being a business owner. Finding the right type of practice will help you to settle in and feel more at home.
    • The compensation and benefits. If you choose to work for an office (instead of starting your own) you’ll want to consider salary range, health insurance, paid time off, retirement plans, bonuses, continuing education opportunities, and other perks the office you are considering may offer.
    • The location of the job. Indiana is a big state with many towns and cities. They each offer their own culture, amenities, and lifestyle. Consider the cost of living, entertainment options, and proximity to things you enjoy.
    • The work environment and culture. It’s important to find an office with the right culture. This means the same philosophy and values as you. You’ll also want to check on their reputation in the community, how they treat their staff and patients, and how they approach work/life balance.

Benefits of Dentist Employment in Indiana?

There are a lot of benefits of dentist employment in Indiana. Some of these include:

  • Good pay. On average, pay for dentists in Indiana is pretty high. On top of this, the state of Indiana has a relatively low cost of living.
  • Job stability. There are a lot of dentistry jobs available in Indiana, and dentists in Indiana find the state (overall) a great place to set down roots.
  • Indiana is a great place to live! Indiana has low crime, plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, four seasons, and excellent educational opportunities.

You’ll find Indiana is a great place to both live and practice dentistry!

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