Services we offer include:

Emergency Dentistry

No one plans on a dental emergency.  When you find yourself in one, you know you need help fast.  We are here for you!  If you have a sudden dental trauma, be it acute pain, a chipped or lost tooth, or a broken crown, call us for an emergency appointment.  We will schedule you as soon as possible and evaluate the problem. Our goal will be to get you pain free in no time.

Exams and X-rays

Every visit to the dentist involves some type of an exam.  It may be comprehensive, regular, limited, or follow-up.  Some exams will require X-rays.  In any case, the dentist will be looking for signs of dental issues or irregularities with your teeth and gums.  Use this opportunity to bring up concerns you have with your oral health.  Any current treatment or restoration plans will also be discussed.

Teeth Cleaning

A regularly scheduled cleaning should be a goal for everyone when it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums. Standard cleaning appointments involve brushing, polishing, flossing and often a fluoride rinse.  If done at least every 6 months, cleanings are usually quick and pain-free, taking about half and hour.  Done in conjunction with a daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing regimen, they are the best preventative measure you can take to maintain a healthy smile.


Dental fillings are most commonly used to remove decay, repair minor fractures, and restore worn down teeth.  The procedure is done in one visit, and a local anesthetic is applied to help ease any pain. This treatment can improve the comfort of biting and chewing as well as lessen teeth sensitivity for patients suffering from damaged or weakened enamel.

When filling cavities, several different types of dental fillings may be used.  To determine which filling is the right for you, your dentist will consider various aspects, such as the location and severity of the cavity, your medical history, aesthetics, your preferences, and budget. Your doctor will go over all the options with you and help you make the best decision.

Teeth Extractions

An extraction is when an entire tooth must be removed. Your dentist wants this to be the last resort and is only needed in circumstances where teeth are damaged beyond repair or after you have suffered a major injury or trauma.  The doctor will perform a complete examination and make every reasonable effort to save your tooth before recommending this course of action.  We want you to be aware of any alternatives.  Extractions may be simple or surgical.  Either way, if it comes to have a tooth extracted, we will make your comfort and well-being the top priority.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic and are customized to blend in with your natural teeth.  Bridges fill gaps between missing teeth.  If you have missing teeth or weakened teeth, you may need one or the other.  Both can help you improve your oral health and increase your teeth’s functionality.  Maintained properly, they can also protect your teeth from further damage and decay.  These instruments are permanent fixtures, mounted onto existing teeth or implants, and can only be removed by a dentist.  Patients with a history of dental issues looking to find their smile again have seen fantastic results by getting crowns or bridges.

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