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Comprehensive Dental Care and Experienced Dentist in Greenwood

Finding the right dentist can be difficult. There are so many dentists to choose from and not all of them provide a variety of different services. On top of that, many dentists provide care for either adults or children and not both. When you are looking for the right dentist, you’ll want to find a dentist that offers a variety of services to meet your needs. If you have a family, you may want to also consider a family dentist that is able to treat everyone. For a dentist in Greenwood that offers a variety of different services for patients of all ages, look no further than 24/7 Dental.

24/7 Dental offers high-quality services for everyone. Whether you have a two-year-old child or you are a senior, we are able to meet your oral healthcare needs. 24/7 Dental has a modern, safe, and clean office with some of the latest tech in the dentistry field. Our staff is very friendly, inviting, and helpful. We also offer extremely convenient hours to meet your schedule. This includes weekends and late nights!

Our dentist in Greenwood offers a full range of services to meet all of your family’s oral healthcare needs. We recommend visits twice a year for a regular checkup and cleaning. As we are open 7 days a week with office hours until midnight, there’s no reason to skip your next cleaning or checkup. The comprehensive exam we provide every six months includes both visual examination and x-rays. Your dentist in Greenwood will check for anything unusual. If they find anything, we’ll schedule you for an appointment to treat the issue.

For more complex procedures, many dentists outsource to other offices. For most services, 24/7 Dental doesn’t outsource. Instead, we provide those services in-house. Whether you need a root canal, dental bridge, crown, or other advanced procedure, we can provide you with the service at our office. This means you don’t have to look for another office, check if they take your insurance, and so on.

For a dental emergency in Greenwood, contact us. We perform outstanding emergency dentistry services, and we will get you in as soon as possible.

We look forward to helping you with your dentistry needs.

Providing Affordable Dental Care in Greenwood

24/7 Dental offers very competitive prices. It is our goal to provide affordable dental care for our patients. If you are in need of financial support, let us know. We work with top dental financing companies that include CareCredit, Alphaeon Credit, and Sunbit. We want to ensure you get the care you need when you need it—regardless of your income level.

What to Look for in a Dentist in Greenwood?

When you are looking for the best dentist in Greenwood, there are some things you’ll want to consider. These include:

The Services They Provide

It’s important to understand that not all dentists provide the same services. Some dentists specialize in cosmetic services, while others provide only general services. Other dentists offer a mixture of both. Before selecting the right provider for you, check to see the services that they provide for their patients.

At 24/7 Dental, we offer a large range of services for our patients. These services include cleanings, exams, dental implants, fillings, extractions, and even emergency services. Instead of visiting a variety of different offices for your dental needs, you can simply visit 24/7 Dental.

If you would like more information about our dentist in Greenwood, contact us today.  

Positive and Friendly Treatment

We know that visiting the dentist is difficult for a lot of people. It can be pretty stressful. That’s why we ensure our patients receive positive and friendly treatment. Not only do we provide the best dental services in the area, but we also provide these services with a smile. Our front office staff is very helpful and friendly. If you have any questions, let us know! Your dentist in Greenwood will also be helpful and kind. They are great with children, as well!

Don’t settle for a rude dentist or a staff that wants to rush you out the door. You deserve the best treatment possible. 24/7 Dental offers outstanding dental services with a smile.

Insurance Coverage

If you have dental insurance, you’ll want to make sure you check with the office you are considering in order to see if they take your insurance before booking an appointment. 24/7 Dental accepts insurance from many of the top providers. These companies include aetna, Cigna, Delta, Humana, and more. We also work with excellent financing companies.


It doesn’t matter how good a dentist is if they are booked all of the time. 24/7 Dental offers outstanding dentistry services at all hours. We offer appointments from 8 AM to midnight, 7 days a week! Let us know when you are available, and we’ll work with you to find the right time for your appointment.

Why you need a dentist in Greenwood

It’s important to visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup. You have probably heard this before. But why? Below are some of the reasons why you’ll want to book an appointment with 24/7 Dental for a regular cleaning and checkup…

Healthier Teeth

The health of your teeth is extremely important, as once they are damaged, they don’t grow back. There are some restoration services that 24/7 Dental can provide, but it’s best to avoid them when you can. By visiting the dentist every six months for a regular cleaning and checkup, you can ensure the health of your teeth. Your dentist in Greenwood will provide an exam to check for signs of damage and decay. This includes both a visual inspection and x-rays. If there are any cavities or other issues found, they can be addressed.

While you may brush and floss at home, you still need to visit your dentist for a professional cleaning. There’s a good chance you are missing spots, which leads to a buildup of plaque. This is normal, and your dentist will remove it during your visit. If you don’t see the dentist, though, the buildup can get worse and start damaging your teeth and gums.

In order to avoid cavities, tooth infections, and other oral health problems, set an appointment with 24/7 Dental for your next regular cleaning and checkup. We’ll provide a thorough exam and expertly clean your teeth, so you don’t develop cavities and infections.

Healthy Gums

Your gums are an extremely important part of your oral health, but many people don’t think of them. Gum disease can get very serious, though, and can lead to permanent damage and teeth becoming loose. By not visiting the dentist for cleanings and checkups, you put yourself at risk for gum disease and all of the damage that comes with it.

By visiting 24/7 Dental regularly, your dentist in Greenwood can remove plaque buildup that leads to gum disease. They will also be able to recognize, diagnose, and treat gum disease in its early stages.  

If your gums have become inflamed, started changing colors, are bleeding when you brush and floss, or you are experiencing any other issues with your gums, set an appointment with 24/7 Dental as soon as possible. This is especially so if you haven’t visited a dentist for a cleaning and checkup in a while. Your dentist will diagnose the issue and put a treatment plan in place.

A Whiter Smile

Who doesn’t love having a beautiful, white smile? While you may be using whitening toothpaste or strips at home, it isn’t enough. You need to address the core issue to ensure the whiteness of your teeth. Visits to the dentist for cleanings will naturally whiten your teeth. This can lead to a boost in confidence and an improvement in mood.

Early Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is a real concern that many people don’t think about. Like other parts of the body, the mouth is at risk for cancer. By visiting your dentist for regular checkups, they can screen for oral cancer. If there are signs of cancer, a treatment plan can be put in place. It’s best to catch oral cancer early, and regular checkups will help you to do so.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a major concern and is deadly. By taking proper care of your oral health and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups, you can lower your chances of heart disease.

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At 24/7 Dental we offer a range of services. These include cosmetic, general, and emergency dentistry. We also offer whitening! Ask about our whitening services to brighten your teeth and improve your smile.

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If you are in need of a regular cleaning, checkup, dental crown, fillings, or most other services, we’ve got you covered. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the dentist for a cleaning and checkup, don’t worry! We don’t judge. We are here to help with your oral healthcare—no matter what condition your oral health is in when you book your first appointment. If we discover any issues during your initial appointment, we’ll let you know. From there, we can put together a treatment plan.

We look forward to providing you with the best oral healthcare possible!