Our top priorities are your health and peace of mind.  Our staff includes some of the top-rated local professionals in the field, providing the customer service you expect and deserve. See below for our wide range of services including:

Dental Cleaning

Your mouth is loaded with bacteria. While some are beneficial to our health, others are certainly not.  When bacteria amass on your teeth, they release acids which lead to serious conditions, such as inflamed gums, damaged enamel, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. To avoid these dental issues, we strongly recommend taking good care of your teeth every day, as well as maintaining regular dental cleaning visits.

Teeth cleaning is a simple and pain-free procedure, so long as it is done regularly, that helps you keep your smile beautiful. While some fear going and delay it due to anxiety, it is the most important preventative action you can take in caring for your mouth. A half hour of your time, twice a year, pays for itself when you consider the savings in pain, money, and time caused by skipping that office visit. A professional dental cleaning keeps your mouth healthy and helps screen for more serious conditions that can be expensive and painful.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings serve many purposes.  They remove decay, repair minor fractures, restore worn down teeth, or smooth out their surface.  This restorative dental treatment can increase your comfort when biting or chewing as well as lessen sensitivity from hot and cold foods for patients suffering from damaged or weakened enamel.

To fill cavities, several different types of dental fillings can be used.  To determine which filling is the right for you, your dentist will consider various factors, such as the location and severity of the cavity, your medical history, aesthetics, your preferences, and budget. Your doctor will go over all the options with you and help you make a final choice.

Exams and X-rays

A comprehensive exam is the best way for your dentist to spot early signs of dental problems, such as gingivitis or cavities.  When detected early, these conditions are much less painful and more manageable.

X-rays are the favored diagnostic tool of dentists in maintaining your oral health.  They provide invaluable information not visible to the naked eye.   Anomalies or obscured conditions lying beneath the surface of your teeth and gums can be discovered and addressed promptly before more damage occurs.


If you have had severe dental trauma resulting in significant loss of teeth, you may be a candidate for dentures.  Eligibility for dentures is not dictated by age, but by your overall oral health.  Yes, many people with dentures are over age 65, however, younger people may need them too.

Dentures will take some getting used to.  They can be cumbersome initially and will require acclimation, even relearning how to talk and eat.  From the start, your dentist will probably schedule frequent visits to check on you, making sure the fit is appropriate and to discuss what challenges you are facing.  In any case, your dentist is there for you, willing to help however possible.

Crowns and Bridges

While many dentures are removable, crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that will be permanently affixed in your mouth. They are molded to your natural teeth or implants and would only be removed by your dentist. Crowns repair broken, chipped, decayed, worn-down or misshapen teeth. Bridges replace missing teeth as long as there are teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

With each year, our teeth become more vulnerable to damage and decay. As they weaken, some may start to crack or chip. This impacts your smile, poses problems with chewing, causes issues with your jawbone, and has an adverse effect on your oral health. If you are missing teeth, or if you suffer from damaged teeth, consider asking your dentist about whether a crown or bridge is an option for you. Dental restoration will boost your confidence, improve the functionality of your teeth, and bring back your smile.

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