The friendly and reliable staff at 24/7 can’t wait to help you brighten your smile. We hope to not only earn your business, but also your family’s as well. Our top-notch staff includes some of the best local professionals in the field. We offer a full range of services that include:

Exams and X-rays

A complete dental exam is the optimal way for your dentist to detect early signs of common problems like gingivitis or cavities.  When caught early, these ailments are more manageable and less painful.

Diagnostic X-rays are the best tool dentists have for monitoring your oral health.  They provide critical information not determinable through just observing the surface of your teeth.   Abnormalities or conditions lying beneath the surface of your teeth and gums can be found and addressed promptly before any further damage occurs.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings serve many purposes and are a common treatment method for many conditions.  They help slow decay, treat minor fractures, restore worn down teeth, or smooth out their surface.  This treatment improves comfort when biting or chewing and can help soothe sensitive teeth for those suffering from damaged or weakened enamel.

Several different types of dental fillings can be used to fill cavities.  In selecting the right filling for you, your dentist will consider many factors, such as the location and seriousness of the cavity, your medical history, aesthetics, preferences and budget. The dentist will discuss all the options with you and help you make the best determination.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges, unlike removable dentures, are fixed prosthetic devices that will be permanently placed into your mouth. They are molded to your natural teeth or implants and are only removed by your dentist. Crowns repair broken, chipped, decayed, worn-down or misshapen teeth. Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth if there are available healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

As we get older, our teeth become more vulnerable to damage and decay. Some may eventually crack or chip. Obviously, this affects your smile and self-confidence.  It can also create problems with chewing, and lead to other oral health issues. If you have lost teeth, or if you suffer from damaged teeth, your dentist may suggest a crown or bridge.  Dental restorations will improve the functionality of your teeth, and leave you smiling again.

Root Canals

Teeth are comprised of both hard and soft parts. The hard outermost layer is the enamel, what we can see and feel.  Another hard layer is beneath that and referred to as the dentin.  This gives the tooth its structure. Cementum is the third hard layer below the gums and covers the roots of the tooth.

The pulp is the soft tissue on the inside of the tooth and is comprised of sensitive nerves and blood vessels. It extends from the center of the tooth, down to the roots and jawbone. A single tooth may have 1-4 individual roots. Molars, in the back of your mouth, can have even more.

A root canal is an endodontic procedure, often done by a specialist, recommended for patients experiencing dental pulp inflammation, infection, or trauma. These conditions are usually brought on by extensive decay, multiple dental procedures on the same tooth or injury to the pulp (even if no chips or cracks can be seen in the enamel). Putting off proper treatment can result in an infection or inflammation of the pulp which then can lead to an abscess and cause pain. Root canals are prescribed to treat this ailment and allow you to keep the tooth. It is important to note that a root canal will not permanently save your tooth.

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